Summer Haul: First Haul Ever!

Im so excited the title needed two exclamation points!! Its my first ever haul and a lot of it is winter stuff but whatever. 


Okay, first I got a backpack from Target, Merona. I think its real leather but it was $6! I might use it for school in the fall but who knows, it certainly is big enough! The straps are adjustable and the flap has two magnets to close, which is convenient. 


Then I got this skirt from Goodwill, I could never find a plaid skirt long enough to cover my butt but I did and it looks totally punk with the Led Zeppelin shirt!

Next thing I got were these sandals, also from Goodwill. They're the brand Montego Bay Club. The pattern reminds me of Native American rugs, I have no idea why. And they are SO comfortable! They don't look it, I know but trust me they are.

This shirt, I got from Goodwill, but it's originally from Target. I think its supposed to be a pajama shirt but whatever. 

Now this dress is interesting, the shoulders are 'woven' in a way on the shoulders and a cinched in waist, making it very flattering. 

This shirt has a beautiful pattern and the colors remind me of the iconic shirt from Vivetta. The shirt is Rayon, so theres almost no give to it. this is a shirt that I would wear with high waisted skirt that I'd tuck in because of its snug fit. 

 This shirt is one of my favorites out of this whole haul! I love the color, the collar, the cap sleeves and the fake button cover! 

This blouse is perfect for warm days and cool nights. The embellished collar is cute for under sweaters or just to spice up a plain white shirt. I found a link to the shirt even though I bought it at Goodwill.

I love this dress! The bust part is a bit too small but wearing a sports bra would solve that. 

I was a bit hesitant about this cargo dress but in the end I think its cute and I can't wait to find ways to wear it. 

This shirt is amazing, Its more of a fall shirt because of how thick the material is. The sleeve cut is flattering and charming. The brand is called Nuggets.

This shirt is a very nice fit, the buttons only go down mid bust (which is good for me because of the annoying button openings). Both the skort and shirt are originally from Target, but I bought it from Goodwill.
The bag is Originally from ASOS, which is one of my favorite online stores! The material is a kind of wicker and it folds out like an accordion.

Forever 21+

I've wanted distressed boyfriend jeans for sometime but many seem to fit funny and make my ankles look huge, but these seem to do the trick! They're high waisted, so they're a little loose at the top for me but don't fall down. 


These shorts have real buttons all the way up! I know that sounds like a pain but they're really easy to do and undo, these are really comfortable and, I think, really cute!

I couldn't find them anywhere on the site but they have other cute ones too!

Old Navy

I went all the way to Old Navy just for these shorts and I was not disappointed. They're a very flattering fit, high waisted. In the picture,  I am not wearing them very high but they look better high. 

Both of these are also from Old Navy, they both were under $6, a steal! The first is linen and the next is a canvas material.  

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