Top 10 Women's Stores For Big Feet

I am a Shoe size US 11 and it's hard for me and most likely other people with bigger sized feet to find chic and affordable shoes. I have searched high and low for trendy shoes that are my size. From my experiences I pass onto you. This is not in a particular order.

1. Payless

Payless goes up to size 13, many styles offer wide sizes and this store is very affordable.Most often times they have a buy one get one for 50% off.

2. Topshop

Even though their clothing sizes only go up to 12, don't let that fool you. Their shoe size ranges up to 11.5! Since they are a UK store their shoes are all 1/2 sizes but they might run small since I'm usually 11 and the 11.5 fit perfectly. Their shoes are on the pricey side but if you catch a good sale you can find them low as $15.

3. Target 

Target generally only goes up to a size 11 but their prices are very affordable. Target is a hidden gem for shoes and clothes alike. The store is branded as cheapy, low quality just because they are a big-chain store but their shoes are very trendy and up-to-date.

4. Asos

Asos is a great online store, offering plus sizes and extended shoe sizes. Asos offers shoe selections from UK stores (New Look) that are either impossible to be shipped to the states or it costs more to ship it than to actually buy the product. The prices range from outrageously expensive to the same price as walmart crap shoes, so theres something for everybody. Their stock doesn't change hourly like some online clothing stores I know, so you actually have time to think things over.

5. Modcloth

Modcloth is known for their quirky products, retro designs and plus size egalitarianism, but for me it's one of the best places for extended shoe sizes. Their 'housewife' designs mixed with one of a kind pieces make for a very interesting selection (Bonus: All the product names are puns!)

6. eBay

There's always something new on eBay, either from an empty nester trying to make a few bucks to a major corporation mass producing knockoffs. eBay is a fun site with a wide variety for plus sized feet.

7. Zappos

I would compare Zappos to Amazon but without the uncertainty. Zappos is mainly a cite for shoe and footwear so they have a larger variety. Zappos has easy return rules and requirements and narrowing down your search is very easy with the filter (Biggest pet peeve: Shopping websites with no size filter!!! Looking at you Sole Society)

8. Sole Society

Sole society is an online fashion source for mainly shoes, purses and accessories. The shoes are made of quality fabrics, and the designs are unique and different but not too 'gimmicky'. The store has higher prices but the styles are everyday essentials and they're 'go-with-everything' shoes and bags. Also all the products are girl names, which I thought was cute!

9. Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant might be for bountiful and curvy women but their shoe sizes go all the way to size 15 (whew!) All of their sizes come with a wide option and their styles are current and trendy but still classic to use season after season.

10. THRIFT STORES! (Of Course!)

Thrift stores are a great way to experiment with your look without breaking the bank- that is if you can find your size. If all hope is lost with thrift shop shoes,  Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul and other chain thrift stores change their stock daily so chances are that your size will come sooner or later! Goodwill has an online option and other buy and sell apps such as poshmark,wish, depop and vinted Notice I didn't say Salvation Army because of their anti-gay messages and publicly explicit opinion on pro-life. On a lighter note, local thrift stores are also a good option, helping local businesses!

Honorable Mention 


Shoe styles from Asia, I've never personally bought shoes from this website, so I was unsure to put it on my list, but their styles look modern and cute. The sizes are European on this site

American Eagle

The All-American, Western style shoes are featured


An Etsy store that sells 100% leather beautiful shoes. Shoes go up to 12.5, sizes go up by 1/2. Most shoes are over $100 but they are so pretty!

If You're over size 10 feet, comment your favorite place to shop for shoes!

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